Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir

2014 Graphics



I print on the inside of found, used disposable objects. Disposable containers are a part of our fast, consuming society and I transform them from their original appearance. At first sight the viewer sees trash but with further observation the other side of it becomes the main subject, the other story, imaginary. On one side you have a part of our real life, mass production and impersonal image/message but on the other is a personal and crafted drawing telling another story, imaginary and surreal. There are always two sides to a story.

This work was presented hanging from the ceiling in thin threads and placed in a circle, referring to circulation of life and also coming back to the cups original form. The subject or visuals that I draw are fast drawn sketches and ideas. To make all drawings in the same media during a certain period of time, I give them all the same value by treating them the same, no matter how important they are for the process. I work with objects and systems that are hidden and not visual in our daily life. Objects that transport material or information from one place to the other.

This work is ongoing.