Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir

2015 Summarizing 512 Objects into one Paragraph and a Footnote

MFA Konstfack
(graduation work)

To begin, there was one.
Then there were a number.
Each had a moment. A moment partly remembered.
Each one had something to say.
What once was said, became a fading shadow;
An echo in the atmosphere.
Each taking part in a collective dialog.

In my artistic practise, I collect objects that become my archive. This collection of objects with different qualities, can be rearranged and composed in different combinations, gestures and conversations. The location is the starting point for each work and the space is taking part in the dialog.

I consider everything I do connected, not just because it all come from the same head but also because one thing leads to another. It is a continuous process, like everything else in life. Everything is connected in one way or another.

The act of collecting is like a game. The object gets abstracted from its function. If I use a refrigerator to refrigerate, it is a practical mediation: it is not an object but a refrigerator. And in that sense I do not possess it. What is possessed is always an object abstracted from its function and thus brought into relationship with the subject. The objects refer to one another and together they make up the system through which the subject strives to construct a world, a private totality.