Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir

2014 A Place Where My Thoughts Can Think

“A Place Where My Thoughts Can Think”


Konstfack, Student Union Gallery

Mixed media with four channel sound piece.


Our lives are combined with different channels, we play different roles in different circumstances and our energy flow is in connection to this. I see it as electric channels, where some channels are red, some are blue and others are white. There are many colors and some are more dominant than others but all of them play a role and they are all connected in a system.  Systems are generally not perfect and some do not always work or have a fluent flow within themselves. That´s why I often combine roots with pipes, wires and other systems in my work. This organic-like drawings or objects, are a poetic and symbolic way of showing the different flows, different textures, feeling and flow in life.  Our bodies have many channels. Veins transfer blood, nerves transmit impulses and information and nutrition is sent from one body part to another. Some transfer small impulses and some follow orders. It´s way of functioning can be much like a machine. Human-made systems are made with a certain purpose that are achieved by the delivery of outputs but the natural systems may not have an apparent objective but their outputs can be interpreted as purposes.

By mixing nature with human-made technology in a way that almost seems natural, it triggers curiosity and raises questions in a poetical way. In this work I mix different systems together, different flow is combined into one structure that is connected to the real inner structure of the building by opening up the ceiling. Fact and fiction meets and flows in one structure. From two of the pipes, comes a sound, voices. There are four voices talking, thoughts and brainstorm said outloud in a poetical way. They come from four different directions.